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We design affordable minimalist websites that generate leads in English and French.

Is your website wasting your money?

There is a simple way to find out. 

If people aren’t buying or contacting you, you have a problem. 

Let’s start with some hard data. 

Did you know that: 

  • 75% of a company’s credibility come from their website.
  • 90% of users will not come back to a website they don’t understand.
  • 40% of users will leave the website if it loads for more than 3 seconds.
  • 94% of users judge a website based on design alone.
  • 38% of prospects will never buy from you ever again if your website is complicated, slow, or unwelcoming.

Overall, customers are up to 200% more likely to buy from your website if it’s well-designed.

Unfortunately, many are unaware of these facts. 

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of websites have at least one URL issue.
$ 0
average loss for each additional second of loading
0 %
loss in the marketing budget due to poor design
$ 0
average loss for every additional mb in page size

Organisations often spend fortunes on websites that don't help them make more money.

Most websites aren’t built from the customers’ perspective.

Does the homepage clearly display basic contact details? Does it load fast? Is the website easy to navigate? Does it offer customers the answers to their questions? 

The majority of websites don’t. 

Frustrated by a painful experience, prospects leave and  never come back. You lost them forever.  

If you hope to have people using your website, you need to adopt world-class design practices tailored to your clients’ needs. This means adopting simplicity and clarity. 

What’s the most visited website on earth? It’s Google.

What’s the easiest website to use on the internet? It’s also Google. 

Coincidence? Nope. 

There is only one thing you can do on Google (searching) and one place where you can do it (the search bar). 

So we learned the lessons from Google and we started making similar websites: minimalist websites. 

Minimalist websites are clear, light, fast, intuitive, secure and easy to use. 

We build them from your customers’ perspective – NOT from the company’s perspective – so they convert fast. 

This reinforces trust between you and your prospects. 

Your website is sooooo clear, simple, informative, easy to navigate and to buy from that they always come back for more! 

As such, it fulfills its sole and only purpose: selling.

We make websites in English and French that convert your prospects into paying customers.

Get a brand new website. 

We design minimalist websites for freelancers, businesses, and non-profits.

Get a modern upgrade. 

We refresh your current website with a trendy new look. 

Sell online.

We create WooCommerce and Shopify solutions to help you sell your products fast. 

Our core values


We make responsive quality websites hosted on one of the fastest hosting companies in the world.


We tell you what we are going to do and we do what we say. You always know in advance what you sign up for.


Prices are announced in advance so there are no (bad) surprises. You pay 40% ahead and the rest once you are happy with your website.

No drama

No drama. We make the best website for you, but you have the final say on the ultimate design.


Our websites work.


We will take the time to show you what you need to know before we hand you your website over.

About us

It all started when Aure, the agency’s founder, created a blog as a university student. 

He did not only fall in love with online writing, but he also did with web design. 

He subsequently learned copywriting and started building websites for his friends. 

As the volume of positive feedback increased, Aure thought he could build websites for other people too. 

Lightning Web Design was born. 


From €669 all taxes included

This price includes:

  • Design (fonts, colors, layouts…)
  • Three pages (main page, services, about us)
  • Domain name* (for one year)
  • Basic content 
  • Contact form
  • Privacy policy page
  • Basic SEO 

The ultimate price of the website depends on the size of the project.

Find more on the pricing page.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Websites are online business cards. 

They bring you more customers and enable you to sell more. 

They enable prospects to find information about your products and services and contact you if they are interested. 

Overall, websites are one of the most efficient customers acquisition channels whatever the type of organisation you work for. 

Websites enable users to find information about your products or services without you wasting time to give it to them. 

They bring you customers that are interested to buy from you. 

And finally, they enable you to sell directly on your website. 

Minimalism makes space for your message. 

It doesn’t assault your customers with ads and irrelevant information.

It gives your prospects room to linger and explore which builds trust and improves the experience. 


We take care of everything. 

This includes hosting, domain name booking, update, backup, and maintenance. 

All you need to know is how to open, read, and answer emails. 


The website belongs to you. 

You can host it anywhere you want. 


The website belongs to you. 

You or any other professionals will be able to access it and change it. 

We only make your website. We don’t own it. You do. 


All our websites are optimized for mobile experience. 

Clarity: we communicate prices beforehand; we tell you what we do and we do what we say. 

Honesty: no hidden fees or costs. No bad surprises. No nonsense policies. 

Quality: we design good-looking, fast, and easy-to-use minimalist websites. 

No-drama: we hate drama, sleazy salesmen, and web design agencies that don’t deliver. 

Results: You pay 40% upfront and the rest once the design is over and you are satisfied. 

Assistance: we will show you everything you need to know before we hand you your website over. 

Contact us

Fill up the form with your name, phone number, and preferred time and date for a call. 

It’s entirely free and does not commit you to anything. 

If you prefer writing, just fill up your email and add your message. 

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